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4 Diving Board Pool Safety Tips

Child standing on edge of diving board

4 Diving Board Pool Safety Tips

Cannonball! Diving boards add tons of utility and fun to backyard pools, inviting swimmers to step up to the ledge and take the plunge.

Like any pool equipment, though, it’s important to use diving boards safely. Follow our 4 tips for diving board safety to make sure you and your family can enjoy this pool addition with minimal risk.

1. Only Dive in Deep Water

Due to the extra momentum you acquire when jumping, you need deep water to be able to dive safely. The pool should be at least 7.5 to 9 feet deep depending on the shape of the pool and the length of the diving board.

Never dive into water unless you know for sure how deep it is. Some backyard pools have diving boards attached to them despite not meeting these requirements. If the water is too shallow, you could hit the bottom of the pool and injure yourself.

2. Only Dive When the Water is Clear

Diving is only safe when there is nothing on the board or in the water in front of you. If you’re swimming with other people, make sure they’re out of the way before you get on the diving board. Be thorough about this – people under the water count too!

If you have any swim toys in the pool with you, either take them out or have someone else hold onto them. If any of them drift in front of you when you’re diving, they could throw you off-course and cause you to hurt yourself.

3. No Running Jumps or Trick Dives

It’s always tempting to start doing running jumps, backflips, and other tricks in a pool with a diving board. No matter how fun it looks, don’t do it! You could slip and fall, hit your head off the bottom or side of the pool, or knock the wind out of your lungs in an awkward landing.

Always walk to the end of the diving board and jump directly into the water. Do not try to show off, even if you think you know what you’re doing. Beyond hurting yourself, you could also inspire others to copy you.

4. Never Use a Diving Board Alone

Even if you’re a seasoned diver, you should never use a diving board without someone with you. If you have an accident, you may be knocked unconscious or otherwise be unable to call 911 on your own. You could even drown. It only takes one mistake to suffer life-changing consequences, so don’t take any chances.

Dive to Stay Alive

As long as they’re used carefully and with the proper safety precautions in place, diving boards are unlikely to lead to injury. Don’t be scared to try them out – they’re a lot of fun and are great for experiencing a different side of swimming.

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