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4 Steps to Preparing Your Pool for Winter Weather

Snow Near Swimming Pool

4 Steps to Preparing Your Pool for Winter Weather

Getting full use of your pool in the summertime means taking proper care of it in the wintertime too. Luckily, you can do this very quickly and easily if you know the proper steps to take. Doing the four things listed below will help you to make sure your pool makes it through the season intact.

1. Lower the Water and Drain Any Pipes

You can’t leave all the water sitting in your pool over winter, but you don’t want to drain all of it either; leaving a moderate amount behind allows the water pressure to keep the lining and overall structure intact. However, you should make sure that there is absolutely no water left in any of the pipes or fittings. If there is, it will freeze and will likely damage those pieces of equipment.

2. Shock the Water One Last Time and Use Algaecide

If you’re leaving water stagnant in your pool all winter, you know you’ll need to make sure it is as sanitary as possible first. Use your usual combination of chemicals to shock the water first, then apply an algaecide – preferably one intended specifically for winter use. While this won’t keep the water pristine for the entire winter, it should hold off the worst of the issues for quite some time and make it easier to deal with that water when the warm weather comes in.

3. Take Care of the Pool Cover

Your winter pool cover will be the main thing keeping your pool safe from the elements this winter, so it makes sense to pay special attention to it. Make sure it is put on tightly and does not have any rips or tears that will let snow or debris fall through it. You should also clean it off periodically as the season progresses; the more weight accumulates on it, the more likely it is that it will fail.

4. Check on Your Pool Occasionally

Sometimes things go wrong even when you’ve taken every precaution; the sooner you know about those issues, the better. Take a moment out of your day every few weeks during winter to inspect your pool, its fittings, the cover, and anything else related to it that is exposed to the cold. You shouldn’t find anything amiss, but if you do, you’ll be able to take care of it right away before it gets any worse.

Preparing your pool for winter doesn’t have to be a big chore; you just have to be pro-active about it. As long as you look after these four essential things, you should be able to count on being able to open the pool again seamlessly in the spring.

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