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5 Pool Products for the 2021 Pool Closing Season

pool closing products

5 Pool Products for the 2021 Pool Closing Season

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what you will need to close your pool until the 2022 swimming season arrives. These 5 products will help you prepare your pool for the long wait, keeping it safe from the elements during even the harshest Canadian winters.

1. A Winter Pool Cover

A winter pool cover is an absolute must-have for any pool owner. Covering your pool after closing season keeps dirt and debris out of your water, prevents water chemical loss due to evaporation, and protects your lining from being pierced by sharp pieces of ice. Winter covers are made with extra-durable materials that can withstand much more wear and tear from the elements than your typical summer cover, so even if you already own one of those, it’s worth your while to invest in a hardier version for the months ahead.

2. Winter Cover Sealer

Not sure if your pool cover will be able to stay in place throughout the entire winter? You can reinforce it with some winter cover sealer. This long roll of plastic film functions a bit like shrinkwrap, pulling the edges of your cover tight against your pool to seal the seams and give your pool better protection over the long winter.

3. Liner Lock Bead Wedge

A loose pool liner is never a good thing, but it is especially troubling when you’re about to close your pool for the season. If water freezes in between the liner and the pool wall, it will almost certainly cause damage to your pool. Applying Liner Lock Bead Wedge to the upper rim of your liner will fix this problem for you. This product pushes your liner back onto its track and seals it with gentle force, keeping a firm barrier between your pool walls and the water they hold.

4. A Pool Closing Kit

Leaving your pool water stagnant and untreated over the winter months will inevitably results in sludgy green water by the next spring. A pool closing kit includes chemicals that will kill any bacteria and algae currently in your pool and remove the carbon dioxide from your water to prevent any further algae growth. Take care to choose one with minimal or no bleach in its formula; too much bleach could damage your pool’s lining.

5. An Air Pillow

When water freezes, it expands, and that could pose a problem for your pool liner. Placing an air pillow in the center of your pool underneath the cover helps absorb the pressure from expanding ice, keeping it from damaging your liner. It also redistributes the weight of any rain, snow, or debris that falls on top of the cover, ensuring these things don’t collect in the center of your cover and eventually become so heavy they break through the plastic.

Close Your Pool the Right Way

Closing your pool properly now could save you a lot of time and money when the warm weather returns. Invest in the right equipment to do the job and you’ll always have what you need to keep your pool in excellent shape over the many winters in its lifetime.

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