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6 Must Have Pool Supplies in Canada for the Fall Season

Leaf Net for Pool in Fall

6 Must Have Pool Supplies in Canada for the Fall Season

Summer 2020 has been fun, but it’s almost over now. Fall is approaching, and the pool supplies you need will change as well. Our list of six must-have items for Canadian pool owners during the fall season will help you figure out how to make sure your pool makes it through the change of seasons in the best possible condition.

1. Winter Covers

When fall arrives, winter is just around the corner, and you don’t want it to catch you off-guard. Invest in a quality winter cover that will stand up to the harsh winter weather; aside from making things easier for you by preventing tears and subsequent contamination, it should last you many years and save you money in the long run.

2. Closing Chemicals

Another part of getting your pool ready for winter is having the right chemicals on hand. Stock up on chlorine or other chemicals to shock your pool, a strong algaecide to ensure it’s as clean as possible before you close, and a floater that will continue to dispense chlorine as needed over time. These things will prepare the water to sit stagnant for many months without becoming completely disgusting by spring.

3. Leaf Nets

Dead leaves are everywhere during the fall season, and your pool is no exception. It’s important to clean them out quickly once they start to accumulate, or they’ll build up to unmanageable levels before you know it. A leaf net will help you do this. Choose one with a long handle and a fine mesh netting so you can easily get all of the debris out of the water each day.

4. Pool Cleaners

Even with your net to help clean your pool daily, you’re sure to miss some of the debris fall debris around your pool. A pool cleaner can provide some extra assistance in keeping things tidy under the water. This automatic Zodiac model will do most of the work for you as it circulates the bottom of your pool.

5. Pool Heaters

As the autumn weather sets in, your pool’s daily temperature will start to drop as well. With a pool heater, though, you won’t have to worry about the water getting too cold for you to swim in it. This piece of equipment will help you get several months’ more use out of your pool each year, making this a great investment for those who always feel short-changed by the chilly Canadian weather.

6. Pool Lights

Fall evenings get dark fast, even when you still have plenty of time before you need to head to bed. If you want to use any of this time to get in a few final swims or even to clean the pool, you’ll need some pool lights to help you. Solar-powered models should provide more than enough light and are eco-friendly on top of that.

Remember: Pool Care Doesn’t End With Summer

Canada’s fall weather significantly changes conditions for outdoor pools, and it’s up to you as the pool owner to adapt to that. With the right supplies at your disposal, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy your pool and keep up with its maintenance requirements during this tricky transitional season. Do things right now, and you’ll be able to start swimming again as early as possible when spring returns.

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