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6 Popular 2020 Pool Toys for Kids

2020 Pool Toys Giant Ring Toss

6 Popular 2020 Pool Toys for Kids

Virtually every kid loves to swim, and adding pool toys into the mix makes the experience even better. After a while, though, the old ones you’ve had for years might start to lose their appeal. If you’re ready to pick up some new ones for your family, check out this list of 6 popular pool toys for this year; they’re sure to keep your children entertained during all of summer 2020.

1. Swimline Pool Jam Basketball Set for Inground Pools

Pool Baksetball Net

This large, sturdy pool toy lets your kids shoot hoops in the water as easily as they would on land. It’s easy to assemble without any special tools, and when you’re done, just fill up the stand with water to keep it in place on the edge of your pool.

2. SwimWays Lightsaber Dive Sticks

Making these dive sticks look like tiny lightsabers adds a fresh layer of novelty to this tried-and-true staple pool toy. Perfect for any Star Wars fan, they light up at the touch of a button and stay illuminated underwater to add to the fun of searching for them.

3. Swimline Giant Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of ring toss? This inflatable pool toy measures 72 inches across at its widest point, so its rings are plenty big enough for the whole family to easily grasp and throw around without worrying about hurting anyone.

4. Seaside Sidekicks Squirters from Melissa and Doug

Seaside Sidekick Squirters

It’s important not to leave younger kids out of the poolside fun, and these small plastic sea creatures are just the thing to help them join in. They fill up with water and shoot small streams of it when squeezed, giving your kids all the fun of water guns in a gentler and more wholesome-looking package.

5. Waterproof Playing Cards

While regular paper-based playing cards obviously have to stay far away from water, these ones are completely impervious to water and are great to use in the pool. The sheer novelty of this pool toy makes it worth the investment, and the wide variety of different games you can play with playing cards means your kids will probably be using this deck regularly for years to come.

6. Swimline Cyclone Spinner Pool Float

Swimline Cyclone Spinner Pool Float

This large circular pool float is perfect for kids who are looking for a little more excitement when swimming. Up to five children can seat themselves on this pool toy and be spun around by a nearby adult, providing an experience not unlike a thrilling carnival ride in any large body of water.

These new 2020 pool toys are destined to be a hit with kids of all ages and interests, adding new dimensions to the swimming experience and providing more reasons for the children to get out and play. Pick out one or two of them for your family today and get ready to make a pleasant afternoon in the water even more fun.

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