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7 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

Female Enjoying Hot Tub Winter

7 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

Being able to sit in your hot tub in comfortably warm water while surrounded by a frosty landscape is nice, but that hot tub has to be in good shape if you want to be able to do this even in the dead of winter. These 7 tips for using your hot tub in winter are easy to put into place.

1. Use a Good-Quality Cover

A cheap tarp is not going to hold in heat, and it’s certainly going to sag if a pile of leaves ends up on top of it. Invest in a good-quality hot tub cover, preferably a hard-top, and look into getting an additional cap to place on top of that. The cover and cap will also hold in heat for a longer time if the power goes out.

2. Ensure the Water Stays Clean

Don’t neglect the quality of the water. Start off the winter by draining and refilling the hot tub completely and ensuring all parts are clean. Monitor the water quality regularly.

3. Have the Pump and Heater Inspected

Never assume the pump and heater are in great shape. Get them inspected before winter starts because those parts are what automatically protect the water from freezing up.

4. Consider Adding a Cover to the Entire Space

You want your nice views as you relax in the hot tub, but some shade, even from the winter sun, is beneficial. Consider putting up a tent, pergola, or awning around the tub.

5. Monitor Water Levels

In addition to monitoring for quality, you need to monitor the water levels. Ensure no leaks have started up over the winter and that nothing weird is happening with the tub.

6. Remove Leaf Debris Regularly

Don’t wait until you go to use the hot tub to brush off the leaves and other landscape debris that have gathered on the top. Those piles, even small ones, can harbor pests even in winter.

7. Add Nearby Storage

Do you want to emerge from a hot tub in winter only to have to walk across a deck to get a towel? Of course not — invest in small storage cabinets and tables placed right by the hot tub to allow you and your guests to grab items right as you get out of the tub.

Winter hot tub use is a great way to relax. Keep that tub in good shape for the season!

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