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How Often Should I Change My Pool Filter Cartridge?

Pool Filter Cartridge

How Often Should I Change My Pool Filter Cartridge?

Your pool filter cartridge acts as a kind of strainer for your pool water, pulling contaminant particles out of the water as it circulates through the pump. However, this essential part will not last forever.

If you don’t replace the cartridge when it can no longer perform its job, these contaminants will build up in your pool water instead. Your water will become discoloured, a slimy texture may develop, and worst of all, harmful bacteria like E. coli may begin to fester.

There is no set schedule for pool filter cartridge changes; the pool’s size and the amount of time the pump spends in operation both have a significant impact on the longevity of the cartridges. Forunately, there are some simple signs you can look for that will tell you a change is in order.

1. Flattened, Frayed, or Torn Filter Fabric

The first signs of failing filter cartridge will usually show up on the delicate layered fabric inside it. When this fabric begins to show wear and tear, it will not function as well as it used to, and there is no way to fix it other than to replace the cartridge entirely.

2. Consistently High PSI

A high PSI reading on your pump suggests that there is a problem with your filter cartridge. If this only happens one time, it may be possible to correct the issue with a quick rinse or a dip in some chemical filter cleaner. If the high readings persist after this has been done, however, you will have no choice but to replace the cartridge.

3. Cracked End Caps

A cracked end cap might look like a relatively minor problem, but it is more serious than it appears. Once cracks develop in the cartridge’s end caps, the cartridge becomes structurally unsound and may damage your pool system if you continue to use it. Switch the cartridge out to avoid this problem.

4. Crushed Cartridge

If you open your pool pump casings one day to find a cartridge that looks like a crushed soda can, that cartridge needs to be replaced. It has most likely suffered inner core collapse, a phenomenon which usually happens because the cartridge was too small for the pump it was installed in. Choose a larger size for its replacement to avoid having the same thing happen again.

Proactive Cartridge Maintenance Pays Off

Don’t take any chances with your pool’s filter. Inspecting and replacing the cartridges regularly takes just a few minutes every few months, and doing so will keep your pool sparkling clean and safe for the whole family to swim in.

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