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4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Pool

luxury backyard with pool lights

4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Pool

Your pool is the centerpiece of your yard, but with the right enhancements, it could look even more stunning. Many of the most impactful changes are easier to make than many people think. These 4 simple additions will help you make your pool shine without any extensive renovations or expensive construction work.

1. A Fountain

Fountains are some of the most dramatic pool features around. They look complex, but in reality, many of them are simple additions that can be attached directly to your pool’s return jet. Whether you choose a small sprinkler or a roaring geyser, adding one to your pool is sure to dazzle anyone who sees it. For added effect, you can place multiple fountains near each other and even have their streams intersect. An intricate crisscross of spouting water never fails to impress.

2. Pool Lights

Pool lights not only enhance your pool’s visual appeal, but also make it easier to use safely at night. There are some truly show-stopping options available in this product category, especially if you have an in-ground pool. For example, check out these glittering in-wall rainbow lights that allow you to cycle between blue, green, turquoise, pink, and white light with the help of a remote control.

3. Ornate Steps

Make entering your pool into a dramatic experience with an elaborate set of pool steps. These removable stairways come in a variety of shapes and patterns, including luxurious options that imitate the look of high-end materials like granite. With one of these leading into your pool, you’ll be able to create an opulent look for a fraction of the price of real granite stairs.

4. A Diving Board

Adding a diving board to your pool instantly makes your whole yard look more luxurious and refined. Make sure that you have enough room to use the board safely before you install it. You will need to attach it to a part of the pool that is at least 8 feet deep. If the pool is in-ground, there should also be some secure pool decking in place around the edge of the water to anchor the board securely and minimize danger.

Bring Your Pool Vision to Life

If you’ve always wanted to make a statement with your pool, now is your chance. Our online store is full of pool accessories to keep your pool looking its best, and more items arrive every day. Try out one of these ideas around your pool, or even combine a few to amplify their decorative effects. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to take your pool from boring to brilliant.

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