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Is A Spa and a Hot Tub The Same Thing?

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Is A Spa and a Hot Tub The Same Thing?

Many people use the terms ‘spa’ and ‘hot tub’ interchangeably, creating confusion around what these words really mean. What’s the difference between a spa and a hot tub, and does it matter? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the definitions of these two terms and how they differ from one another.

What is a Spa?

In the strictest sense, a spa is an in-ground structure filled with heated water and connected to a pool. It does not have any of its own plumbing. It may have its own heating system or share that system with the pool it is connected to.

Because they are in-ground structures, spas cannot be moved. Once you have one installed, it will stay in the same place until it is dismantled. It can add value to your property if you ever sell your home, but it cannot be sold on its own.

There are some spas that are sold as standalone structures and include their own plumbing. Even though these models are exceptions to the rule, the fact that they exist at all is probably what started the confusion between spas and hot tubs.

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What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a large standalone basin equipped with jets and filled with water. It heats that water using its own electrical system and filters it with its own filtration system. It is not connected to any other structure and is always located above-ground.

Because all of its components are internal, a hot tub can be placed pretty much anywhere you want – on a deck, on a paved surface, or even right on the ground. It can also be moved at any time, giving owners the option to resell it if needed.

Hot tubs are usually less expensive than spas, and you can lower the price even further by choosing a pre-owned or refurbished model. They can also be installed much more quickly and easily than spas, allowing you to enjoy your purchase that much sooner.

The Bottom Line: No, Spas and Hot Tubs Are Not the Same Thing

Although they serve the same functions and have many structural similarities, spas and hot tubs are not the same thing. When shopping for parts, accessories, and other equipment for your spa or hot tub, be sure to consistently use the same terms during your research. This will ensure that you only discover options that are compatible with your existing systems.

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