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It’s Dewinterizing Pool Season! Let’s Get Started

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It’s Dewinterizing Pool Season! Let’s Get Started

Winter is coming to a close, and you know what that means. It’s dewinterizing season once again! Getting your pool ready for swimming will take some work, but you’ll reap the benefits all summer long. Our quick guide will help you get started on this essential task.

1. Clean Off and Remove Your Pool Cover

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove your pool’s cover. However, your cover may have water or debris sitting on top of it from the long winter it has just endured. Start by clearing the debris with a broom or long-handled pool net. Then, use a portable pump to clear the water off as well. When the top of your cover is clear, you can remove it, roll or fold it up, and store it away for another day.

2. Remove Winter Plugs

You may have plugged your pool’s return jets, skimmer bucket, and other openings last season before the water froze. Unplug these areas and rinse the plugs, then put them away for use at the end of this year’s pool season.

3. Add Water

Next, it’s time to refill your pool. The water that was in the pool over the winter will probably be green and gross, but don’t worry about that yet. Use a hose to add more water until the waterline reaches the halfway mark of your skimmer opening.

4. Clean and Shock Your Pool

Skim as much of the gunk and debris out of the water as you can using a handheld pool net. Make sure there are no large pieces left that could damage your filters or other components. Then, shock your pool using shock chemicals. These mixes are very strong and have been formulated to kill all of the bacteria and algae that have accumulated in your pool over the winter.

5. Reinstall Your Equipment

Once the water is mostly clean, you can put your equipment back in place. This includes any ladders or stairs you use to access the pool as well as all of the hoses and other components that help it run. Connect your pool pump to the skimmer, then connect the filter to the pump, heater, chlorinator, and any other parts that help it run.

6. Let Your Pump Run for at Least 24 Hours

After you’ve put everything back in place, all you need to do is let your pool pump work its magic. Let it run for at least 24 hours to clean out the last of the debris and algae in your water. This will ensure that your water is safe to swim in and allow you to reopen your pool for the summer season.

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