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Myths and Facts: Why Hot Tubs Are Actually Good for You

Hot Tub Myths

Myths and Facts: Why Hot Tubs Are Actually Good for You

When you hear the words hot and steamy, what words come to mind? That’s right – hot tubs! Getting your very own hot tub can be a great investment in terms of health and relaxation. However, there are some misconceptions that may make you hesitant about getting one. Here are some common myths – and their explanations – that should convince you take that hot tub plunge!

Myth: Hot tubs can help you relax and de-stress.
Answer: True!

Yes, this one is correct. Hot tubs help promote relaxation in several ways. First, when you are soaking in that beautifully heated water, you start to become less tense. That allows your muscles to relax, and you feel soothed. Also, when you’re in that hot tub, you don’t have to do the dishes, prep for dinner, or answer a work email – you can just sit and enjoy.

Myth: The chemicals will irritate my eyes.
Answer: Mostly false.

Yes, the chlorine in your hot tub has the potential to irritate your eyes and skin, but the levels have to be really high for that to happen. And if this does happen, it is really a matter of not having balanced out the chemicals in your hot tub properly.

It is recommended that you purchase kits to test the chemical levels in your hot tub to ensure that they are in the proper range, and therefore avoid eye or skin irritation.

Myth: Hot tubs can help with certain types of pain.
Answer: True!

Hydrotherapy, which is a form of water therapy, has been used to help people find some relief for joint pain and inflammation. And your hot tub is your personal hydrotherapy source. Some chronic pain can be exacerbated when you keep tensing up from the pain. Soaking in your hot tub can help mitigate that tension, and as a consequence, relieve some of the pain.

Myth: Hot tubs are dirty and filled with icky bacteria.
Answer: Again, mostly false.

A long-lasting myth about hot tubs is that they are filled with bacteria swirling around. To be sure, there are bacteria in your hot tub – but they are also on your skin, on your mobile device, on your car’s steering wheel, on your tooth brush…you get the idea. Bacteria are everywhere. That doesn’t mean your hot tub is dirty. It is just a factor of living on this planet.

To keep your hot tub clean, that requires some basic maintenance. Make sure that the filtration system is working properly, that you run the system 2 or 3 times a day, and make sure you add the correct amount of sanitizer and chemicals as directed.

A hot tub can be a source of relaxation and enjoyment for just about anyone. If you have been hesitant about getting one because of misconceptions, just ask! Put your fears to rest, and get ready to soak in luxurious warmth whenever you want.

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