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Our Picks for the Most “Instagrammable” Pool Floaties for 2023

giant balloon animal pool float

Our Picks for the Most “Instagrammable” Pool Floaties for 2023

If you’re a devoted Instagram user, you’re probably already thinking about all the great snapshots you can take over the coming summer. While pool shots always look great, the right pool floatie can make the shot even more distinctive and memorable. Here are our picks for the top Instagram-worthy pool floaties of 2023.

1. BigMouth XL Shark Float

Shark attack! This huge inflatable shark mouth floatie allows you to simulate a close encounter with the sea’s most vicious predator. While no one is going to mistake this plastic shark for a real one, you’ll have plenty of fun posing for silly selfies inside its gaping jaws.

2. Swimline Tropical Chair

This inflatable chair may not be the flashiest option on this list, but its simplicity and versatility are great for creating elegant candid shots. Drape your arms and legs gracefully across the chair and let yourself take center stage as you float on top of the water. You’ll have more than enough space and support to bring all of your best photo ideas to life.

3. Float-Eh Loon Float

Want to show off your patriotic pride this summer? This loon floatie is as Canadian as it gets. It’s made of matte black plastic with attached wings on either side and is big enough for an adult to sit comfortably in the hollow on the bird’s back. Strike a pose on our national bird and let all your followers know exactly where you came from!

4. Bigmouth Giant Balloon Animal Float

Remember how fun it was to get custom-made balloon animals at special events as a child? This giant balloon animal pool floatie will help you recreate those carefree memories. This bright red inflatable four-legged creature is big enough to ride on if you choose, and the large divot in its middle gives you more than enough space to make yourself comfortable as you try to find just the right pose for your next shot.

5. Giant Dragonfly Ride-On Pool Float

Most pool floaties have consistent proportions, being roughly as wide as they are long. This dragonfly floatie smashes that standard. Clocking in at an incredible 8.75 feet long and with an impressive wingspan to boot, this long, slender pool toy has a striking silhouette that is sure to make for some great photographs.

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