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Replace Pool Pump Motor or Replace Pool Pump?

pool pump motor repair

Replace Pool Pump Motor or Replace Pool Pump?

Your pool pump’s motor has stopped working. Now what?

You have two options to solve this problem. You can get the pump motor repaired, or you can get a new pump. You might think that repairing the broken parts is the obvious choice, but this isn’t always the case. In some scenarios, getting a new pump is by far the better investment. Let’s look at a few situations where this is true and consider what you need to think about to make a smart decision.

When To Replace Instead of Repair

1. When the Costs Are Too High

High costs are the most obvious reason to skip pool pump motor repairs. The rule of thumb is that for repairs to be worthwhile, they should cost less than 70% of the cost of a whole new pump. If you know your pump motor repairs are going to cost more than that, don’t bother with them. You’ll save more in the long run by just replacing the pump altogether.

2. When Your Pump Won’t Turn On

If your pump isn’t working at all, there are probably more issues beyond just the motor. There may be other damaged components inside it that prevent it from routing power properly. The pump may also be trying to pull much more electricity than normal to overcome mechanical problems inside it and tripping the breaker as a result.

Either way, the components are probably too damaged to be easily repaired. Instead of taking the whole thing apart and trying to find everything wrong inside it, it’s easier (and probably cheaper!) to get a new pump.

3. When Your Pump is Old or Visibly Damaged

Your pump’s potential longevity also plays a part in this decision. It’s not worth investing in motor repairs if your pump won’t last long anyway. If your pump is more than a few years old, chances are good that it will fail again soon even if you get it repaired this time. Likewise, a pump with a cracked casing will sustain a lot more damage over time than one that is properly protected. Since replacing a pump’s casing is expensive, it’s usually better to just replace the pump.

4. When Your Pump is Outdated

Pool pumps have gotten a lot more advanced over the last few years. Most are now made from composite instead of cast iron or bronze, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions much better. There are also variable speed pumps available which can be programmed to run on as little energy as possible.

These features are good for the environment and your wallet. If your current pump doesn’t have them, replacing that pump gives you the opportunity to upgrade your equipment and improve its efficiency and longevity.

Choose Carefully: Your Pool Depends on It

Whether you decide to repair your pool’s pump or replace it altogether, your pool will rely on that pump to keep functioning properly. Remember that Our Pool Store has a wide selection of pool pumps, filters, smart timers, and other equipment available to help pool owners with problems like these. Our prices are lower than many of our competitors and may allow you to fit the cost of a new pump into your budget. Visit us today to shop our virtual shelves and see all the quality products we have to offer.

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