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Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine – Comparisons & Costs


Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine – Comparisons & Costs

Thinking of Taking the Plunge?

When it’s hot, hazy, and humid, where’s one of the coolest places you could go? Into your very own backyard swimming pool! If this sounds like a refreshing idea, then you have a few decisions to make, and one of those is whether to get a traditional chlorine pool or a saltwater system. There are pros and cons to both, so here are are some comparisons and costs to help you decide:

Chlorine Pool

Most people have taken a dip in a chlorine pool. This type typically has a lower initial installation cost than a saltwater pool, thus making it look quite attractive financially. It also uses less electricity to keep it running. The lack of salt as a purifier means that any pool features, such as a ladder, tend to stay in good shape for longer.

But chlorine has its issues. For instance, you, as the pool owner, need to add the chlorine to the pool, and in higher concentrations. And not just that – you need to keep a constant eye on the level and adjust when needed, which can happen often, even daily. That means a lot of effort on your part. On the flip side, you can probably resolve most pool water issues on your own, though that could mean that your pool is out of commission for a few days.

Also, that chlorinated pool water can be tough on anything that is in it for any length of time or frequency. That includes pool toys, bathing suits, and hair!

Finally, because you are in charge of your chemicals, and you need more of them of a saltwater pool on a daily basis, your on-going costs of a chlorinated pool cost more than that of saltwater pool. They can run you between $400 and $800 per year.

Saltwater Pool

Saltwater conjures up images of sandy southern beaches and gorgeous weather. So why wouldn’t you want to create that scene right at home? You can – with a saltwater pool.

Did you know that, despite its name, a saltwater pool actually contains some chlorine? Ir’s true! However, the levels are a lot lower than that of a chlorinated pool because a saltwater pool releases its chlorine at a very slow and steady rate.

As the name suggests, salt is also added to the pool. A saltwater generator produces a type of acid that is used for sanitizing the water. And the need for this generator is what drives up the upfront costs of a saltwater pool. This machine can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000, and you have to pay an additional cost to have it installed.

But once you are done with these upfront costs, the regular running of your saltwater pool becomes less expensive. The salt is less expensive, costing only about $100 per year. Also keep in mind that the salt is much easier on your bathing suits and pool toys.

Make the Right Choice

Traditional chlorine or saltwater pool? There’s no right or wrong answer about which pool is better – only which one is better for you. Calculate the initial cost, continued costs, and your own sweat equity in figuring out which pool is the right choice for you. But whichever one you choose, you’ll get to play it cool all summer long. Enjoy!

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