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Should a Pool Heater Be Covered in the Winter?

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Should a Pool Heater Be Covered in the Winter?

If you have a pool heater on your property, you may sure how to protect it from the coming winter. Should you cover it up, or leave it exposed? Today, we’ll be discussing why pool heater covers are a good idea as well as how to avoid some common cover pitfalls.

Should You Cover Your Pool Heater?

While it’s not always necessary with today’s winterized pool equipment, covering your pool heater is still a good idea. Placing a barrier between your heater and the snow, ice, sleet, and hail that are sure to fall over the winter months helps to minimize the damage caused by these adverse weather events.

A cover can also help you keep debris like sticks, stones, and mud away from your heater. The less of these things make contact with your equipment, the less cleaning you’ll have to do when you open your pool again next year.

Watch Out! Avoid These Pool Heater Cover Problems

If you choose to cover your heater, it’s important to choose a high-quality cover made from a breathable material like vinyl. Covering a pool heater with a non-breathable cover can cause condensation to build up underneath the material, exposing the metal parts of the heater to moisture damage. The resulting corrosion could make your heater completely inoperable come summertime. A quality cover is more than worth the investment to prevent that outcome!

You also need to make sure your cover is removed before you turn your heater on again in the spring. If you don’t take the cover off, the heater won’t have the ventilation it needs to work properly. Even just a few hours of operation while covered can lead to some very expensive repairs. Make sure everyone who might operate the heater knows how important this is and you shouldn’t have any trouble avoiding damage.

Purchase Quality Pool Heater Covers Online

Whether you’re in the market for a pool heater cover or a whole new heater, Our Pool Store has just what you’re looking for. Order one of our top-quality vinyl pool heater covers today to give your pool equipment some extra protection this winter. You’ll be happy you did when you open your pool again next year!

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