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Should I Build My Pool in the Fall?

Fall Season Pool Construction

Should I Build My Pool in the Fall?

Have you been thinking of building a swimming pool? Do you believe that you have to wait for spring to come around before construction can begin? Actually, you don’t! While everyone else is closing their pool for the winter, fall is a great time to build your pool, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • The weather is great!: Crisp days, no snow, and still plenty of sunshine. This seems like a perfect time to start construction on your pool.
  • Shorter timeline: Many people use the spring to build their pools. By doing this in the fall instead, you’ll get it done faster because fewer people choose the fall for pool construction.
  • Better budget: Many pool companies hold sales and offer discounts in the fall, ranging from anything from ladders to chemicals, and of course, pool construction.
  • Ready for spring: If you build your pool in the spring, you’ll have a wait list for building. And that means a longer time before you can actually use your pool. But if you take advantage of the fall time for construction, you can jump in as soon as the weather heats up.
  • Make it pretty: Once your pool is completed in the fall, you have the winter to plan your landscaping, and the spring to make it happen, instead of having to do it all in the spring and summer.

Whether it’s in the spring or fall, anytime is a good time to build a pool! But there are advantages to building your pool in the fall. Consider your options, and get ready for splish splashy fun when the summer rolls around.

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