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Should I Drain The Water Off My Pool Cover?

water on top pool cover

Should I Drain The Water Off My Pool Cover?

Every pool owner has noticed the build-up of water that gathers on top of their pool cover each winter. The question is: what should you do about it? Do you need to remove it, or can it stay where it is until spring?

You can leave excess water on top of a pool cover as long as you need to, but you are taking a risk in doing so. If you don’t remove the water, it will weigh your cover down over time. The consequences of this are different depending on what type of pool you have.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pool covers are usually secured to the pool walls using rope, elastic, or other materials. Excess weight from water build-up can stretch, rip, or tear a pool cover and cause debris to leak in.

If your cover is particularly sturdy and does not cave in, the results could be even worse. All that excess weight gathering in the center of the pool could pull your pool’s walls inward, causing the structure to warp and collapse.

In-Ground Pools

Covers for in-ground pools are often secured using anchor points that have been drilled into your pool deck. Too much water weighing down your cover can loosen your anchor points or even pull them out entirely.

If you use sand bags, concrete blocks, or other weights to keep your pool cover in place, the weight of the water may drag them closer to the pool, scratching the pool deck around them. They may even fall into the pool itself, bringing dirt and debris into your water and potentially causing damage to your pool’s structure or lining.

Stay on the Safe Side

To keep your pool in ideal condition, it’s best to clear the water off your pool cover whenever it’s warm enough to do so. You can do this with a small submersible pump or simple shovel or bucket. It’s also a good idea to invest in a quality pool cover that will resist the stresses of the water weight until you can remove it. Like most pool maintenance tasks, it may sound simple, but putting in a little extra effort up-front will save you a lot of hassle later on.

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