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The True Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Salt Water Pool

The True Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools require an entirely different pump and filtration system than chlorinated ones, so choosing one over the other is a serious commitment.

Is it really worth using salt water instead of chlorine in your backyard pool? In many cases, the answer is yes. There are many real benefits to keeping a salt water pool, including the five main ones we’ll be discussing today.

1. It’s Gentler on Your Eyes and Skin

Anyone who has ever tried to open their eyes underwater in a chlorinated pool knows how harsh typical pool chemicals can be on sensitive tissues. Salt water is much gentler on eyes and skin than chlorinated water and provides a much more pleasant bathing experience. This is especially true for people who suffer from common skin problem like acne and eczema.

2. It’s More Convenient

Salt water pools require less maintenance than chlorinated pools, primarily because they are naturally resistant to algae and bacteria growth. With one of these systems in place, you’ll spend less time shocking your pool water and clearing out algae infestations and more time actually enjoying your time by the poolside.

3. It Offers Relief From Joint and Muscle Pain

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, a salt water pool may offer you some relief. Salt water has long been used as a therapeutic remedy for musculoskeletal pain. Soaking in it reduces inflammation in the body, and the increased buoyancy that the salt provides also helps to take even more stress off those aching joints.

4. It Costs Less

Salt water pools are very cost-effective to operate. While they require a slightly higher up-front investment for equipment and installation than chlorinated pools, the cost of a year’s worth of salt is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the cost of pool chemicals for an equivalent amount of water. Over time, you will save more than enough to make up for the higher initial costs you face.

5. It’s Better for the Environment

Salt water pools require far less energy to run than chlorinated pools and do not contaminate the earth with chemicals when they are drained. Both of these things make salt water pools by far the better option of the two from an environmental standpoint.

Thinking Beyond Chlorine

Salt water pools aren’t for everyone, but they have many upsides that make them an attractive choice for some. If you are at all interested in the idea of implementing a salt water system for your pool, consider investigating the idea further; it could be your key to a significantly better pool experience.

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