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What to Do With Your Pool When It Rains

What to Do With Pool After Rain

What to Do With Your Pool When It Rains

Getting cool and wet in the hot sticky summer is the perfect way to cool off – if you have a pool. But have you ever thought about what to do after a hard rainfall? You may think you stay dry indoors until the rain passes. And that’s true. But have you ever considered how to manage your pool after such a storm?

Your pool will experience some changes after a heavy downpour. To keep it in top condition, here are some tips about what to do about your pool after a rain:

  1. Clean it: High winds sometimes accompany a heavy downpour. And that wind can cause leaves and other debris to litter your pool. So your first line of attack is to skim out that debris that can suck up the chlorine your pool needs.
  2. Clean it some more: OK, once the surface debris is gone, you should then clean out the remaining debris that you couldn’t get with your skimmer. This includes scrubbing the sides of the pool and then vacuuming out the stuff at the bottom that can clog your filter.
  3. Check the water level: If the downpour was heavy, you could have too much water in your pool. Gradually drain the excess water until it is at the correct level. You can do this by turning on your pump to its Backwash setting, and turn it off once the level is at about the mid-skimmer level.
  4. Filter your pool: Once the water level is at the proper levels, you need to circulate that water. Empty out your pump and skimmer baskets, and then set your pump to its Filter setting. This helps prevent icky algae from setting up residence.
  5. Check the chemical levels: The rainwater and debris can affect the chemical levels in your pool. Use a pool testing kit to see which chemicals, if any, are not at the correct levels, and then gradually add as needed.

To keep your pool safe and your family happy, follow these few simple steps after a heavy rain. They don’t take long to do, and you’ll get lots of enjoyment from your pool the whole summer long.

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