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When Should I Close My Pool for the Winter in Canada?

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When Should I Close My Pool for the Winter in Canada?

Closing the pool is a yearly ritual for Canadian pool owners. Some people choose a set date to do it (for example, the last week of August), while others simply do it whenever they have the time after summer ends. But what is the right time to close your pool in Canada, and why? Is it any different for a heated pool? We’ll answer these questions in the post below.

When Should You Close Your Pool?

Backyard pools should be closed when outdoor temperatures consistently fall below 15 degrees Celsius at night. In Canada, this is usually sometime in September, but it may happen earlier or later depending on the weather patterns that year and the area in which you live. Pool owners in Timmins will usually need to close their pools sooner than pool owners in Windsor, for example. Keep an eye on the average temperature in your city when you notice the fall weather coming in and start thinking about closing when you notice multiple 15-degree nights in a row.

Can I Close My Pool Early?

Technically, you can close your pool whenever you like, even in the middle of summer. However, this would not be wise – and not just because of all the swim time you would lose! Closing too early means that your water will be sitting stagnant at relatively high temperatures for quite a while. This creates the ideal conditions for algae growth. If you don’t want to open your pool and discover a teeming green mess the following year, it’s best to wait until the conditions are more favourable to slowing algae growth.

What If My Pool is Heated?

If your pool is heated, you can extend the usual pool season by about 1 month in each direction. In Canada, this would mean you could have your pool in operation from April to October. However, this does not mean that you should be careless about deciding when to close. You must to close your pool by the time outdoor temperatures fall below 0 degrees Celsius overnight. Although your water will never freeze if the heater and pump are working, equipment damage or a power failure could stop those systems long enough for the water to freeze. If freezing does occur while there is still water inside your tubing, pumps, or filtration system, it will probably break something. Instead of gambling with the weather, protect your pool by closing it at the appropriate time.

Say Farewell to the 2021 Pool Season

Canada may be a beautiful country, but there is no question that it is not suited for year-round pool use. Closing your pool at the right time can avoid preventable damage and water quality problems the following year. It also helps you set yourself up for a pleasant and stress-free experience when you open your pool again the next spring.

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