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Which Salt Water Pool Generator Is Right For My Inground Pool?

hayward aquarite salt generator

Which Salt Water Pool Generator Is Right For My Inground Pool?

Installing a salt water generator for your inground pool can save you a lot of money on pool chemicals, and you’ll never have to move those heavy chlorine containers around again.

Not just any generator will do, however; priced at over a thousand dollars on average, these systems represent a significant investment and should be chosen carefully based on your pool’s needs. Keeping the following major considerations in mind will help you figure out exactly which salt water generator is best suited for your pool.

1. Generator Capacity

The most important feature of any salt water generator is its maximum capacity (measured in gallons). Salt water generators function based on water volume, so you need a model that matches the volume your pool holds. Smaller pools can use ones like this 15,000-gallon model, but many backyard pools are large enough to require a model that can process 25,000 gallons or more. Larger pools will need the models that can process up to 40,000 gallons or more.

If you’re worried that your calculations may be off, you can always opt for a generator that works on significantly larger volumes of water than what your pool contains. You can easily adjust the settings on the attached meter to keep your small pool’s water balanced, but you can never make a salt water generator exceed its maximum capacity no matter what you do.

A high-capacity generator will also provide a bit of extra cleaning power for pools that see heavy use, are constantly kept at high temperatures, or that are frequently contaminated by algae. The only downside to upsizing like this is cost; the more gallons a generator can handle, the more expensive it will be.

2. Branding

Some buyers like to choose their generator based on its brand. Most don’t do this just for the sake of it; a salt water generator’s brand may affect its warranty, the availability of parts to repair it, and other critical attributes that may affect its longevity. Buying a generator from a lesser-known company is a lot riskier in the long run than buying one from an established provider.

Hayward is the leading brand for these types of products, but Pentair and Zodiac are also popular and have solid reputations. Salt water generators from any of these three companies are generally considered to be long-lasting, well-supplied, and overall worth the cost of purchase.

3. Extra Features

Some generators like this Zodiac Fusion Soft model offer additional features like mineral purification that can help you maintain a cleaner and more attractive pool. These features will cost you a little extra compared to base generator models that only regulate salination and chlorination, but they can greatly lessen the negative effects of pool water on your skin and hair.

Many pool owners with this type of system installed report that it significantly enhances the feeling of their pool water and makes the pool much more pleasant to swim in. If you want to create the best possible swimming experience, these premium generators are worth looking into.

The Perfect Salt Water Generator Is Out There

A salt water generator is only useful if it’s a good fit for the pool it’s installed in. If you choose yours carefully, though, you should be very happy with the results you can achieve. With the information above, you can confidently narrow down your options and pick out the ideal salt water generator for your individual pool.

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